Today the life of every individual is governed by gadgets and machines equipped with unthought-of technology. Things have certainly been made very easy for the modern man but this has also brought in its wake many complexities, stress and tensions in his life. With cut-throat competition hitting every aspect of the individual’s life leading a healthy and peaceful life has become a rarity for him.

Every other individual today, seems to have been affected by a new breed of diseases called the lifestyle diseases. Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity are just to name a few of them which have reached alarming proportions in today’s times. If one has to tackle them on a war front then he or she has to adopt a holistic form of treatment. Ayurveda, which has been practised in India since ancient times has great relevance today. The science of Ayurveda goes to the root cause of the disease rather than treating only the symptoms and takes into consideration not only the physical but also the spiritual and psychological wellbeing of the individual.

The various therapies offered by Ayurveda in tackling the lifestyle diseases include ‘Dincharya’ or adhering to a daily routine schedule, ‘Ritucharya’ or adhering to a seasonal routine schedule, ‘Panchakarma’ or adopting the five bio-purification and detoxification therapies and lastly the ‘Rasayana’ or using the rejuvenation therapies. All of these enable an individual to attain peace of mind and harmony in his or her life. The treatment modes help an individual to not only regain his health but also to prevent falling prey to the lifestyle diseases of today.

The best part of Ayurveda is the emphasis on treating the individual according to his or her personal characteristics and physical tolerances. It tells us how best to live against the backdrop of a polluted environment, unhealthy eating habits and mingled lifestyles. Ayurveda’s pharmacopoeia which has been developed thousands of years ago includes several mineral and herbal remedies that treat, cure or prevent the health ailment without exhibiting any side effects. In addition to the body, the mind and the soul are also taken into consideration while treating the diseased and the disease. In the western countries, people are recognising the importance of this concept and hence more and more of them are leaning towards Ayurveda as the natural treatment option for their disease or ailments. Aspects of Ayurveda such as ‘Dhyana’ (meditation), ‘Pranayam’(breathing exercises)and ‘Yogasanas’ (Yoga postures) help to get the brain chemicals and neurotransmitters to work in harmony. This is most essential if one has to see any signs of improvement in individuals affected by lifestyle disorders.

The stress and tensions in today’s lifestyles are never going to be eliminated and therefore, the least the individual can do is to make a determination to bring about some amount of healthy changes in his lifestyle. The science of Ayurveda is one such remedy which if practised regularly by every individual will enable him to achieve a healthier state of physical, social, emotional and mental well-being.