Essential oils are rich in pure herbal nutrition. Unlike the typical cosmetic oils and moisturizers, these herbal extracts do not consist of chemical prepared by lab procedures such as animal testing. Instead, they bring in the essence of nature with all her abundant goodness stored inside plants. Derived from leaves, flowers, stems, branches, and roots of different plants, they are always more biocompatible than normal products.

They are without the usual side effects associated with normal products. In fact, the best skin specialists these days suggest these over typical cosmetics just to avoid the long term damaging effects of petrochems on skin. Users report that the main difference between the two options is that with plant extracts the refreshing feeling persists till the end. On the other hand, petrochemical based products such as Vaseline tend to feel sticky after some time.

Stay well

Common essential oil and skin care products include Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Myrrh, Neroli, Patchouli, Tea Tree, Lime, Ginseng, Cypress, Orange, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang. Each of these has different textures and aromas, besides being rich by their bioactive ingredients. You might want to buy intuitively, or do some research for a deeper informed decision. Due to their herbal formulae, most of these are compatible with all skin feelings, dry, oily, or medium. Even then, one should categorically check if a preferred product is really good for the individual skin type. Visit a good online inventory. A sure way to know if it is a good site is to see whether they provide ample facts to back buyers into making a conscious choice.

Another key aspect of verifying the credibility of a genuine site is to ascertain if they have a versatile inventory including both oils and powders of plant extracts. Branded products such as are used by many health conscious folks to prepare face packs and body creams for personal use.

Take care                                  

The general procedure to convert the powder to a cream is to add ingredients such as glycerin, honey, and alcohol in strictly measured percentiles. With ample amazing resources available online, taking care of the well being of your loveliness is not a problem, unless you are making the wrong choices. Aside from avoiding commonly advertized ammonia based products, always clarify if a particular herbal extract is by your expectations. For instance, Eucalyptus oil has a sharp aroma that can be hard for some to bear. Similarly, Ginseng can have a dizzying effect for first time users especially.

Some of these oils are also edible, and available as herbal beverages. Tea is a common example, but do you know that you can also try chamomile or rose ‘teas’ instead? In this context, it should be important to mention that pregnant mothers should be careful about applying these as well. It is always good to consult a good doctor before anything when you are carrying even if it is about essential oil and skin care.