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A set of three floral waters, Rosewater 100 ML, Jasmine water 100 ML and Vetiverwater ML whose scents take you for a dream walk through the heavenly flower gardens. The Gentle Floral hydrating facial mists remove the last traces of the grime, help balance the skin's natural Ph and replenish the skin with essential moisture. The therapeutic natural way to gently cleanse, tone and quench thirsty skin. A must have set for that innocent, dewy skin.

Plus a bonus of two mini face masks ( Rhassoul Clay Detan and Detox Mask 5gm& French Green Face Mask 5gm),  which truly compliment the hydrosols in rejuvenating the facial skin while adding a glowing sheen to your beautiful face. 


    Gentle Floral hydrating facial mist removes the last traces of grime, help balance the skin’s natural ph and replenish the skin with essential moisture. A natural way to gently cleanse, tone and quench thirsty skin.
    Rose water: 100% Natural, produced in Kannauj, the perfume capital of Asia, the pheromone of our Rose water can transcend a dream walk through the field
    of roses. The rose water leaves your skin silky soft as it tones and hydrates the facial skin. 

    Jasmine water: Jasmine water hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized. It protects skin against scars and blemishes and promotes healthy glow on the skin. Its stimulating fragrance enhances the mood.

    Vetiver water: An excellent skin hydrator, it nourishes & moisturizes dry skin and balance the Ph level of the skin. A perfect way to soothe and refresh your skin in hot humid weather. The earthy aroma of the water gives you a cooling sensation and rejuvenates you instantly.


    • Rosa Damascena,
    • Jasmine Sambac
    • Vetiver roots

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