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Experience a few golden drops every day for ageless, youthful, glowing skin. Removes dark spots, reduces blemishes to giving an even skin texture. 


In a 4-week trial use test for the Saffron Serum (Kumkumadi Tailam):
- 98% reported added unbelievable Glow & Radiance
- 99% reported improved skin suppleness & elasticity
- 94% reported improved skin firmness
- 91% reported lifted the skin
- 91% reported even skin tone and texture

In a 12-week trial use test for Saffron Serum (Kumkumadi Tailam)
- 91% reported that all signs of aging were minimized.

 Kashmir produces the highest quality organic saffron in the world – a potent spice more precious than gold. Ayurveda experts at Kamaakshi Botanicals replicate the ancient, age-old beauty formula maintaining the maximum anti-oxidant levels of fresh saffron and combining it with twenty-six ingredients like Almond Oil, Sesame oil, lotus pollen, sandalwood, goat milk, Manjishtha, vetiver, etc to produce the most potent beauty serum ever, namely Kumkumadi Tailam. 

Traditionally the serum (Kumkumadi Tailam) was reserved only for the royal brides to be. Kumkumadi Eternal Face Serum is known to deliver improved skin suppleness, elasticity, and overall skin health. Regular usage imparts improved skin firmness, lifted skin, even skin tone and texture. It helps skin look smoother, plumper and brighter. 


  • Glow, Glow & more Glow.
  • Mild Exfoliation.
  • Intense Hydration & Moisturization.
  • Plum, Soft Innocent Skin.
  • Fills the Fine Lines.
  • Reduces all signs of aging.
  • Removes Dark Spots & Blemishes.


Saffron, Chandana, Laksha, Manjishta, Madhuyashtika, Kaliyaka, Usheera, Padmaka, Neelotpala, Nyagrodha, Plaksha, Kamala Keshara, Dashamoola, Bilva, Agnimantha, Shyonaka, Gambhari, Patala, Shalaparni, Prinshnaparni, Gokshura, Brihati, Kantakari, Seasme Oil, Goat’s Milk


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